Universal Printing Assistant (UPA) app lets you proactively monitor the overall status of all your network printing devices (Wired or Wi-Fi) regardless of brand-from your Apple® or Android® phone or tablet. It alerts you before toner/ink run out and takes the guesswork out of replenishment by displaying the re-order options and details. Tap to make your selection(s) and order with ease (without the hassles of figuring out part numbers or compatibility) directly through from your preferred vendor. The UPA app also enables you to get notified on errors and warnings from printing devices to enable you to attend to them promptly.

Key features:


  • Get a snapshot of the health of the printing devices in your network, anytime
    • Quickly identify printing devices that are not operating normally and require your attention
  • View additional details, operational condition & find out if the error condition is resolved or persisting without walking up to the device

Low toner/ink notifications

  • Receive low toner/ink notifications when consumable levels are low
  • Get advised on OEM branded Supplies or Xerox Branded Compatible supplies for your multi-vendor fleet
  • UPA App allows you to select your preferred vendor to order from
  • Purchase single or multiple toners from your preferred vendor with ease
  • No Financial Data is collected or transmitted when you order toner/ink

Printing device alerts

  • Opt for one or more ways of being notified on printing device alerts
    • Notification on Today Widget (iOS only) – including on lock screen, if enabled
    • In-app notification
    • Email notification
  • Receive alerts for conditions that affect printing device availability
    • Toner/ink low, toner/ink out
    • Paper out
    • Device offline (paper jam, fault code, door open, etc.)